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I Walk With Heroes OOC's Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in I Walk With Heroes OOC's LiveJournal:

Monday, February 4th, 2008
9:30 pm
Sorry, I don't want to sound negative, so forgive me...and this is the main reason for my lack of replying in this game, but...

Is anyone else even going to be active around here?

I don't even know how many characters we have, but if it's just me, Willow/Wesley, and Lilah...well, that won't make for the most interesting game, lol. (I'm sure we could find a way, but yeah. :P)

So, just wanted to know if it was even worth continuing over here? I mean, the idea is fabulous and all, but I just don't know if there's enough people to even keep this game going, you know?

What are the remaining people's thoughts?

I am not a mod or anything, just curious in general since there has been such a lack of participation (which, I, too am guilty of). So, yes.

That is all,
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
9:41 am
Since our mod seems to be MIA at the moment I'm just forfilling my comodly duties and seeing who all is still here and who still wants to continue playing?

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
9:06 pm
Happy Holidays!
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to wish y'all happy holidays and a great new year!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
10:59 pm
First Scooby post!
Xander, Faith, Buffy, or Willow, who would be willing to write the first Scooby post? :)
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
9:52 am

Okay, I really hate to do this, but since the game has kind of died, I need to know if you guys are still interested in keeping your characters.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to start looking for new players, and I really don't want to have to do that, since all of you are such talented writers and players.

Also, pimp out the game, try and get some more people to check us out!  We still have plenty of canon characters open. :)

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
8:53 pm
Let's get this party started!

Since we're probably not going to get more characters for a while, we can start playing with the characters we already have. :D

Any ideas for the first thread?

Buffy, Willow, are we going to assume you guys have already driven to LA?

Who wants to create the first post, set things up? :) 

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Thursday, November 15th, 2007
9:10 pm
*IMPORTANT* Moderators

Hey all,

Would anyone be willing to be a moderator, and help run the community when I'm not able to get on the computer?

Any help would be much appreciated!

<3 Shannon

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Monday, November 12th, 2007
8:31 pm
Intro time :-)
Hi all I'm Nicole and I'll be playing your resident evil bitch Lilah. I'm open to shipping her or not. If anyone wants to talk plottage with me,you can contact me via Aim: Lilahness Yim: Lilahemorgan or you can reach me by email: Lilahemorgan@Yahoo.com . Can'r wait to rp with all of you! :-)

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5:53 pm
Posting Rules

In the subject line, please put: 

1. The title of the post (optional, but if you're feeling extra creative, you are more than welcome to come up with a title for the thread! :D)
2. ATTN: (insert the character(s) you are tagging, or "Anyone" if it is open.)

At the beginning of the post, please put:

1. The title of the post (optional, but if you're feeling extra creative, you are more than welcome to come up with a title for the thread! :D)
2. Who: Your character and any characters who the post is open to or if  it is open to anyone.
3. Where: the thread takes place (the streets, in a cave, someone's house, a restaurant, etc.)
4. Rating: of the thread (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 (please make sure to put any mature material behind a cut.) of the thread
5. What: just a general plot line of the thread.

This is just so we have an idea of what is happening in each thread, and with whom.

Thanks everyone!

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3:12 pm
 *stands up*

Hi, my name is Shannon, and I'm a Buffy and Angel addict. :P

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Sunday, November 11th, 2007
3:04 am

Just wanted to say welcome to the OOC community for the new Buffy/Angel RP Walk With Heroes.  This is where plot lines, episodes, actors and actresses, and other randomness not related to the two series can be discussed.

So sit back, relax, and have fun!

Your friendly mod,

Shannon <3

(Apparently I can't create backdated entries on a non-personal journal, which is why this isn't the first post in the community. Heh. :P)

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1:39 am
Taken Characters
Strikethrough means they're taken.  If there are any characters that you would like to put on hold (up to three), just comment here, and you will have 14 days to post an application for those characters before they are open again.

Current Mood: tired
1:27 am

Your Information:



Personal LJ/GJ:

AIM (not the one created for your character):



Character Information:

Character Name:

Fandom (Buffy or Angel, if canon):

Character History: (While showing a knowledge of canon characters is important, if you get too wordy, I just might go Dana-crazy and try to cut off someone's hands...just kidding *crazy twitch*)

What are you: (human, Wiccan, demon, half-demon, Watcher, werewolf, vampire)

Appearance: (very general, no need to get too detailed about freckles or moles in certain places)

Character Journal Post Sample: (an entry in their journal, at least a paragraph)

Character RP Post Sample: (at least two paragraphs, feel free to use other characters as well)

Please post your application as a reply to this thread, with the character name as the subject line.  All comments will be screened.

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