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Since our mod seems to be MIA at the moment I'm just forfilling my comodly duties and seeing who all is still here and who still wants to continue playing?
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Still here. I've been waiting for one of the scoobies to put up a post for Willow to reply to. Wes is wherever, and I'm currently getting treatment again so replying might be on and off.
Alright I'm not sure where any of the scobbies are, and I'd have had Lilah reply,but the last tag seemed like a fitting end to that thread.
I'm still playing :) I was trying to give some time before I posted but not much has been going on, has it?
"Not much has been happening no.
Hidey-ho, neighbor!

Okay, no more Simpsons reruns for me. :P

I'm still here, albeit slightly preoccupied at the moment, since my mother's gone on a cleaning spree. :|

Somebody save me, please!!!!! NO...MORE...WINDEX...*thud*
*throws you a life perserver* :-) I finished the Lilah/Wes thread,but now I'm not sure what to do with Lilah, since we seem to be missing most of the AI gang.
I was still here. I asked the main mod a few weeks ago how I should bring the Buffy side of the group into the RP. But, alas, no response.
Er, I am* still here. Not was. Duurr..shouldn't write comments 10 minutes after I wake up. xD
ok I have no idea what to do with everything. *shrug*
I've asked, in the previous post, if anyone from the Scoobies could bring them into the game, cause I didn't have time for a Willow post. She was alright with that, Xander was supposed to post but never did. So I'm guessing if you still want to, you should go ahead and get the game going.

Not sure who's all still here from AI, other then Nicole. If it's just her and Wes it's gonna be a sad AI part of the game.
(Buffy posting under my other sn.) Ooh, okay. I just neglected to post because I wasn't sure how she wanted to bring in the Scoobies. Either in L.A. already or heading to L.A.

Plus, do you have any idea where they are supposed to be staying? Haha, a lot of my questions were not answered...hence the lack of posting. Sorry for making your Willow wait. :/
I suggest them being in the bus heading for LA. Since there's a rip in time there, when they go through it some of them would feel that. Willow would, Buffy being a Slayer would as well, so would Faith.

Wes is at the Hyperion, after coming back to life. They could head there, or since Buffy used to live in LA she might know of another place. A warehouse or whatever. They can probably discuss that on the way?
Okies! Thanks for some ideas. I'll put something up ASAP~
Hey guys, it's Shannon, on my other LJ account. Sorry I haven't been around for a while, I've been totally swamped going back to school and whatnot. Thanks so much, Nicole, for taking care of stuff! :) <3

As for the Scooby gang...what ferretgirl said sounds good. :D
Welcome! :-) I finished the Lilah/Wes thread,but now I'm not sure what to do with Lilah, since we seem to be missing most of the AI gang.